Case Study: HyVIDA Brands, Inc.

Key Industry Case Studies |Aug 24, 2020|3 min read

Rick Smith Innovating a Platform Technology to disrupt the Beverage Industry.

In 2017, Rick cofounded HyVIDA Brands, Inc. after learning about the therapeutic benefits of molecular hydrogen gas (H2) and the emergence of hydrogen infused beverages in Japan. Hydrogen is a powerful antioxidant that efficiently navigates the body to neutralize free radicals and balance cellular behavior – boosting metabolism, memory, clarity, immunity and reducing inflammation.




After months of market and competitive research, Rick recognized hydrogen infused beverages as a huge opportunity requiring innovative technology to enable commercial success. Using a first principles approach, Rick invented the lowest cost, most scalable method of infusing hydrogen in beverages and the World’s first carbonated beverages infused with hydrogen. HyVIDA’s platform technology includes multiple patents pending on the methods, equipment, and chemistry and various trade secrets that unlock the real potential of hydrogen infused beverages.



In 2018, out of its downtown Muskegon office at the GVSU Innovation Hub, HyVIDA launched its flagship products, the World’s first Hydrogen and Magnesium Infused sparkling waters. In its first 12 months, HyVIDA established distribution in >1000 retail locations across the Midwest and Southeastern USA while winning multiple industry awards for innovation, sustainability, and taste.

COVID-19 has created a consumer frenzy for wellness & immunity. This has positively impacted HyVIDA’s sales growth, in ecommerce and at its premier retailers: Meijer, The Fresh Market and others.


Licensing Deals

In October 2020, HyVIDA signed a licensing partnership with a multi-billion-dollar nutrition, wellness and functional beverage company looking to enhance its $500 million portfolio of beverages with better-for-you hydrogen.


The Future

HyVIDA is gaining traction at premier retailers, ecommerce channels:,, and others, developing future hydrogen products for sports performance and engaging multiple nutrition and beverage companies for licensing and private label opportunities.  By leveraging multiple revenue and operating models, HyVIDA is mitigating risk and expediting consumer adoption of molecular hydrogen infused beverages.


About Rick Smith

Rick has over 20 years growing high-technology companies from startup to thriving enterprises. With various executive positions in advanced optics, photonic sensors and semiconductors, Rick has strategically scaled sophisticated technologies in medical imaging, homeland security, defense, and aerospace markets globally. Rick has successfully raised $millions in capital from government grants to equity capital including taking a company public on the London Stock Exchange.  Rick is a Board Member of the Muskegon Inventors Network where he mentors young entrepreneurs, and an Advisor to EVO Worldwide, a clinical molecular imaging company. Rick holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA from Michigan State University. Rick resides in Muskegon, MI with his wife (Kasey) and their twin boys.


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