H&S Companies

Named after its two founders, H&S Companies began with two men and a typewriter in Fremont, Michigan.

Friends and business partners, Jack Hendon and Dan Slate, opened the small accounting firm of Hendon & Slate, P.C. in 1983. Both remain active in the business over 40 years later.

Today, H&S Companies is a full-service financial firm offering Tax Planning, Business Consulting, Wealth Management, IT Strategy & Consulting, Payroll Services, and more.  

“H&S is here to help our clients succeed,” says Marketing Coordinator Stephanie Hendon. “Whether you need assistance with routine tasks or crisis management, H&S is your partner and your bottom line is our top priority.”  

Firm Expands, Diversifies

Together, Hendon and Slate built a successful accounting firm in Fremont. Over the years, they decided to bring on more partners, expanding into Muskegon and Grand Rapids, and later other markets, such as Rockford, Mt. Pleasant, Big Rapids, and even Lansing.

H&S Companies includes a team of over 100 professionals in 13 offices across Michigan and specializes in individual and small business accounting and financial services. 

The firm serves businesses of all sizes and in all industries, including breweries, restaurants, and manufacturers.

“We have a passion for our work and helping our clients, and we value our employees, their families and the communities we live and work in,” Hendon says.

H&S provides more than someone to crunch the numbers. Think of them like a “financial Swiss Army knife.” The firm offers expertise, experience, and integrity, acting as a client’s core business network. 

Muskegon Office

H&S Companies is proud to be a part of Muskegon and has an office at 4985 S. Harvey St. The 18-member Muskegon team enjoys watching the community grow and serve local clients. H&S plans to do so right along with it, continuing the momentum of the firm’s founders.

“We continue to look for ways to foster a culture of teamwork and fun for our employees, as well as ways to grow our firm by bringing on more partners and more practices looking to become a part of something a little bigger or nearing retirement and in need of a succession plan,” Hendon says.  

Accounting and tax professionals process payroll, investigate fraud, help with tax planning, and prepare individual tax returns. 

“We offer everything from Information Technology to Wealth Management to specialized industries like Manufacturing and Hospitality,” Hendon says. 

The Muskegon office is active in the community, including Muskegon Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce, Grand Haven Chamber of Commerce, Port City Professionals, Lakeshore Business Professionals. Several team members serve on local community Boards of Directors. 

A Day in the Life

Katie Mason is a CPA at H&S Companies and serves on Greater Muskegon Economic Development’s Board of Directors as Treasurer. Mason begins the day with a 4:30 a.m. alarm, followed by a 3- or 4-mile run. After work, she enjoys walking the dogs and watching the sunset.

“Busy season is a lot more hectic, but I am a big believer in an early morning alarm even if I am not to the office until 8 a.m.,” Mason says.  

As a CPA, Mason likes the variety and prepares tax returns all year long, even outside of the busy season. Mason’s favorite part of the industry is the tax planning and advisory services.

“It is through the planning and advisory services that the client really starts to grow, and we as the advisor can guide them based on their goals,” Mason says. 

Quality of Life

Mason enjoys the life and career she has built in West Michigan. Mason moved from the east side of the state as a little girl and was told it was for a slower pace and a less stressful environment. 

“I didn’t understand at the time what this meant, but I do now,” Mason says. “There is no headache worse than to sit in traffic for over an hour to only make it a few miles. Now, I can spend that hour doing things that I enjoy.”

Muskegon is a city with a good quality of life. The community offers growth and potential for residents and businesses. The area has everything to offer that a big city has but without the traffic and headaches. The proximity to the water is another bonus. 

“There are not very many places that a person can show up to the office and work a full day, take a run along the shoreline with a view of the lake, and wrap up the day with a cold beer on the water, and all of which are within 15 minutes of each other,” Mason says.   

What made Mason stay? A great employer and the sunsets are better over here.