Small businesses are taking hold in Muskegon County as never before. Built on a tradition of prosperous family businesses, newer companies from Smart Vision Lights, Charthouse Energy, HyVida, Pigeon Hill Brewery and Unruly Brewing Company to the Cheese Lady are booming. We offer entrepreneurs a number of services to help them start and grow their business, and we work with many other community Entrepreneur Support Organizations (ESOs) to create an entrepreneur-friendly culture. Learn more on our Local Business Resources page here.


Entrepreneurship in Muskegon County by the numbers...

Companies served by GVSU Innovation HUB
Commercial Products developed in 2020
Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights Awarded
Score assists in 2020
Northern Initiatives assists in 2020

Case Study

HyVIDA Brands, Inc.
HyVIDA Brands, Inc.

In 2017, Rick Smith cofounded HyVIDA Brands, Inc. after learning about the therapeutic benefits of molecular hydrogen gas (H2) and the emergence of hydrogen infused beverages in Japan. After months of market and competitive research, Rick recognized hydrogen infused beverages as a huge opportunity requiring innovative technology to enable commercial success.

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HyVIDA Brands, Inc.

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