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Blog |Nov 10, 2023|2 min read

Welcome to Greater Muskegon Economic Development (GMED), a private, non-profit economic development organization focused on leveraging public and private investment to accelerate business growth and the creation of high-quality employment opportunities in Muskegon County. Our funding comes from public and private contributions.

There are many reasons why businesses of all sizes and industries are choosing Muskegon County to grow in or expand to. Known for its diverse, entrepreneur-driven economy, Muskegon is perfectly situated in the region and among the hottest places for business development in West Michigan.

What GMED Does

GMED works with businesses to connect them with incentives, grants, training programs, and data that help them expand operations and facilities and add jobs to their workforce. Appreciating the importance of our local business community, GMED serves as a clearinghouse of information on programs and incentives available to area businesses.

Why We Do It

Our work helps improve the quality of place where the workforce lives and plays; keeps taxes lower; keeps dollars circulating through our local economy rather than flowing out; and retains and expands businesses in our local community. This all adds up to keeping the Muskegon-area economy growing, lowering residential taxes, and helping to improve community assets and infrastructure. 

GMED’s Key Priorities for 2023

This year, the GMED has three key priorities:

  1. Meet with businesses from a variety of Muskegon County industries (rather than focusing only on advanced manufacturing as we have in the past). By meeting with businesses, we are able to assess whether we can assist them with incentives to expand their operations, train their workforce, or launch new initiatives.
  2. Work with our school systems and higher education institutions to help develop talent and workforce for our base employers. We do this by exposing students to local industries and positions within those industries, with the goal of retaining talent in Muskegon County.
  3. Work with Muskegon Heights on redevelopment in a way that aligns with its community vision plan. Efforts currently underway include reconstruction concepts for the Broadway Ave. streetscape, the development of a master plan for two industrial parks, and the redevelopment of Rowan Park.

Let’s Talk!

GMED’s Economic Strategy recognizes the importance of business retention and attraction. Utilizing our in-house and partner resources, GMED is uniquely positioned to help local businesses meet their economic objectives.

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