The History of Revel

Revel celebrates and recognizes its time as an innovator and creative leader in the marketing industry. The firm, founded in November of 2010, has continued to grow in Muskegon, putting their spin on marketing campaigns in the B2B industry and other community organizations. Muskegon native and Revel partner Jason Piasecki, along with his co-partner Andy Maciejewski, have worked to build not only a successful company, but a winning team. Many employees have been with Revel for a decade or more and several have been on board since day one. Piasecki says he and Maciejewski created the company to put down roots in their own backyard.

A Peek Behind the Curtain

The collaborative nature of Revel is a vital part of how the company flourishes. The close-knit team works hand-in-hand on accounts to deliver the best results possible for their customers. That spirit drives their agency and creates a unique experience for each client. Every employee is a ‘boots-on-the-ground’ worker who values their clients and coworkers alike and fosters a dynamic work environment. 

Over the past 13 years, the company has partnered with several businesses and organizations around Muskegon to create notable projects that include: “Inspire,” an investment campaign for the future of the Muskegon Museum of Art; “Watch Muskegon,” a pro-Muskegon campaign aimed to boost morale and support of the community; and 

and employer branding campaigns for some of the area’s leading companies like Motion Dynamics. Companies show their gratitude and appreciation for Revel in a multitude of ways, the most notable being “Revel Rouser,” an IPA created by Unruly Brewing Company and dedicated to the firm upon its launch.

Home Grown

Revel prides itself on being a local company dedicated to Muskegon. Working hand and hand with charitable organizations, Revel is able to help others excel while maintaining their passion for aiding others.

Indeed, Piasecki emphasizes the need for other organizations to get involved in Muskegon, stating those connections are more valuable than anything. Piasecki acknowledges that Revel could have been located elsewhere, but Muskegon is home, its people being the prime factor. He could not imagine Revel being created and fostered anywhere other than the lakeshore town where it is planted. 

More to Come

In the coming years, Revel will continue to do what it does best—helping Muskegon area companies grow by strengthening their brands and executing marketing campaigns to attract the right type of customers and employees. 

With a talented team and steady leadership, Revel can only be expected to continue to grow, and using all the resources Muskegon has to offer, they will continue to prosper.